About Me

VedaAfter a lifetime of loving all animals, in 2003, I started Veda’s Dog Day Afternoon. With the help of my trusty canine co-worker Bandito and my customized pet van, I’ve provided excellent personalized care for animals and their owners since then.

1998 to 2003, I volunteered at PAWS Wildlife helping them to rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals brought in with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. I also have worked as a healthcare professional with developmentally disabled adults for 16 years, learning sign language and other nonverbal communication which I now use with my pack on a daily basis.

The special treatment begins with home pickup, and a “taxi ride” together to the off-leash park. After a stimulating pack adventure, I drive the exhausted and contented “kids” home. For added safety, all of my dogs wear a harness with a tag that reads: “I’m at play! Veda’s Dog Day Afternoon” along with my cell phone #. Later it’s kitty or small critter visits and then I return home to Bandito and my boarding dogs. What makes me happy is making every life I can just a little bit better....

Who will be the next to join my day?


2012 Best of Edmonds Award for Pet Sitting Services

2012 Best of Edmonds Award